Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Exterior House Color or Your Home's Most Valuble Curb Appeal

Beautiful, well chosen exterior color can add significant value to any home investment, not to mention fill its owners with a sense of pride. But finding the right colors through trial and error isn't an any task. A color that looks good on a tiny paint chip won't necessarily look great on your home!

Before, just a plain little Split Level with lots of
visual breaks and no warm "welcome"!
Such was the case with my clients in Castro Valley, California.  Their American classic “Split Level” home was just crying out for a new look.   Randy and Brenda had a loose idea of what color they might like for the body, but at a loss as to trim, accent, sheen, and “what goes where” had them stumped. So they did what many are doing, they called out for help, suggestions, options, solutions and instruction for paint color selection from a Color Consultant….me.

After, continuity, sophistication, and
soft subtle contrast makes this home
a handsome statement!
After printing a photo of the home in the “Before” stage I could see that it needed a color palette that was strong and would ground the home to the land. I then gave them the address of another home I choose similar colors for so they could actually see it on a large home. This one exercise really helps them visualize the color tone, saturation and application in action so to speak.

In the “color consultation” appointment at their home with the client we evaluated several color scheme options.  I have large 4” x 5” cards of all the Benjamin Moore Paint colors and we simply hold them up in different locations on the body of the home.  We both agreed that using the HC-85 Fairview Taupe by Benjamin Moore was the color that seemed to anchor the home’s body to the land. This rich dark color makes a handsome statement, and with so many of the pale colored homes on the block, it stands out as a 1st place winner.

The trim, which isn’t much on this type of architecture, needs to have a subtle contrast to the body.  We tried 3 different white colors and ultimately choose 855 Cloud Cover a white with a little tint of gray, for eves/overhangs, gutters, window frames, door frame, garage door, and the porch pedestal cap. The right trim color is as important as the body color as it adds charm and sophistication to a home’s overall look.

The front door says,
"Welcome Home"!
The white front door, that matched the old trim color was in great shape, but didn’t say much as a welcoming committee to the home.   I recommended HC-154 Hale Navy; it’s one of my favorite front door accent colors.   And color studies show that a blue front door signals that the homeowner views his or her home as a place of refuge -- calm, serene, and relaxing, the perfect retreat from an often harsh and demanding world. I choose to paint the door frame in the trim’s Cloud Cover to really make it pop against the Fairview Taupe body color.  Voilà…a new look!
Yes, I agree, it’s truly a visual transformation and one that Randy, Brenda and their family will enjoy for years to come. 
Just click on the color names links above to see the colors up close at Benjamin Moore Paints.

Monday, April 3, 2017

Got a Case of Color Paralysis and Anxiety...

If there’s one thing that creates utter fear and panic when decorating, it’s the process of choosing the right paint colors!

100,000 colors to choose from! But which one is right for the space?
THE DIAGNOSIS: Color paralysis - frozen in fear of using paint color inappropriately. But we make color choices every day - and often with confidence. We may be able to dress ourselves, the children and our husbands, but an entire wall of color can be irrationally intimidating. It seems so easy to get it all wrong, so you freeze, right! Breathe easy, don’t panic!

A Color Consultation can make create a feeling and an ambiance in the room that had none!
f you're losing your way in the quest for color, agonizing over countless paint chips that are now looking all the same and overwhelmed at the amount of time you're spending on indecisiveness, then you'd be wise to enlist the help of a color consultant. If you think this might be too expensive, think again. The cost of a color consultation will save you countless hours of time in repainting when you don't like it and find you've made a colossal mistake in the color choice.

A Color Consultant should supply you with color sample cards clearing up any confusion.
THE TREATMENT PLAN: in a little over an hour, the color consultant visits you in your home, takes an overview of your spaces, your lifestyle and your personality. From this discussion, the consultant develops a painting strategy that will tie everything together by:
*enhancing your home's decor through the use of well-chosen paint colors for the walls, ceiling and trim

*creating a beautiful space making the most of your existing furnishings and your homes architectural features
*developing an entire color plan which you can work on room by room over time or all at once 
The family plan!
A simple game plan, uniting the home's interior colors with the family spaces.

At the end of the color consultant’s visit they should leave you with a sample color card of each of the colors chosen.  You will also receive a “color specification sheet” so you and your painting contractor will know exactly where and on what surface each color is to be painted, trim, ceilings, niches, baseboards, windows, the paint sheen, etc. etc.
This knowledge goes a long way in keeping the paralysis and anxiety at a minimum!

Are you paralyzed and anxious about what color to paint your rooms? Have you painted only to be unhappy with the results? Get some peace of mind and CALL to make a Paint Color Consultation appointment. Let me help you choose just the right color that you and your family can live with for years to come! Call 925.862.9064 or email me here at .