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Still not satisfied with the look of just shutters? 
Marie Antoinette Interiors
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Many of my clients believe that, with shutters on their windows, draperies are not necessary. But shuttered windows with draperies can still function perfectly, and the draperies serve to warm the room physically and aesthetically!

Marie Antoinette Interiors
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When it comes to window treatments I must admit I am a lover of drapery. To me, they finish off a room, make it look tailored and elegant and add coziness that is hard to recreate with other window treatments.
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Draperies don’t necessarily suit every room of every house or every budget, and they don’t have to be voluminous and puddling all over the floor, but they do have their advantages, and not just for privacy. Not forgetting they are also another opportunity to use a lot of gorgeous fabric.
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Often we assume you have to have one or the other, drapery or shutters. But why not have both? Have you considered combining plantation shutters with draperies in your home? We often have blinds and drapery, but most of the time shutters are used on their own.

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If you are concerned about expense, and who isn’t, you don’t have to be able to draw them open or closed, just a hanging panel either side  of the window is enough to get the effect without having the a huge cost.

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So, if you decide to use plantation shutters for their functional features, think about using drapery as well, for the aesthetic benefits. In fact, I think draperies are a great way to soften the look of shutters and bring a warmth, softness and cosines to a room. They just finish off the room completely.

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Saturday, March 4, 2017

The Designer Living Room Made Livable

by Toni Berry IFDA
The livable living room, a retreat from the business of living busy!

How long can you live in a home before you realize you’ll never get to make the living room LIVABLE?

For this family of four, the realization came in their 8th year of living in their home! They tried to attempt doing it themselves but they just didn't know where or how to begin! And so after visiting a neighbor’s home and loving what they saw, they asked that neighbor how she did it! After all, they knew the neighbors also both worked long hours, had 2 active children and many family commitments just as they have. And that's when they discovered they hired an Interior Designer to do it! 
Enter the designer/decorator….moi! Upon seeing the space and discussing the needs of the family, the style, the budget, the colors, what stays, and what goes, I came up with a plan that suited their means!

In this case, and this is not unusual, the living room that is clearly the first room seen upon entering in most homes is often ignored and put last in the lineup of rooms to decorate to be functional and useful. In most part because large family rooms and kitchens are now the places families gather. Life is much more casual now than a generation ago. But many still want the living room to be casual, useful and beautiful.  
And so that is how we approached this project….here are the footnotes on each selection of furnishings we used and why!
by Toni Berry IFDA
The living room still had the previous home owners draperies at the windows. With only a loveseat for sitting, the room became a sort of a play room for the children! The transformation, a beautiful yet functional room for all to enjoy regularly because it's not's useful!

by Toni Berry IFDA
 Finding fabrics that complemented the rich brown floor color and the wall color Benjamin Moore's #226 "Twisted Oak Path" was made simple! The sofa is a deep brown tweed, the two chairs have a print fabric that ties the rooms colors and wood elements together!

by Toni Berry
The new Hunter Douglas Silhouettes were a perfect choice for a room that needs light control. This room faces west and the new furnishings need protection from the sun.
by Toni Berry IFDA

Sensibility prevailed! The Bassett Furniture pieces were nicely priced and within our budget. Sofa, tables and two arm chairs were selected for comfort, met the room size restraints and the fabrics durability.

by Toni Berry IFDA

Accessories mean every thing to a room. And in this room we added many but each accessory had a job to do by either adding texture, color, visual interest and a sense of fun to the room. Above, the casual wall art, the fun buttoned pillows, the family pictures and a beautiful orchid arrangement all lend a hand in giving the room it's beauty. And three sources of much needed light were also included!

by Toni Berry IFDA
The mantle, AKA as "the heart of the home" was topped with a round wooden framed mirror and two simple sconces. Perfect focal point to a not too formal room, not too casual room, a just right room for a young, active and busy family. A place to get away from the business of living busy! The livable Designer living room!
Surprise,surprise. Designers are not only for the wealthy. In reality, an interior designer will not only save you money but will also save you hours of frustration and stress. We know where and how to begin and how to see it to the finish!