Monday, March 21, 2016

She's Got It In Spades...Kate Spade That Is!

Oh! Kate Spade, you’re looking fabulous these days! And I’m not just referring to those oh so remarkable handbags of yours!
Via Kate Spade
Ladies, spring is in the air and you all know what that means. It’s that glorious time of year we get to make room for some of the hottest new trends by editing out the things we no longer need, otherwise known as “spring cleaning”. And after looking at the new home fashions collection by Kate Spade, I might need to “find” a little more room than usual to "get the look".
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The Kate Spade brand identity is known for being elegant, feminine, and of course full of surprises (to the joyous triumph of polka dot lovers everywhere).
Via Kate Spade
Another great classic “Kate look" is the use of white on bright and clearly she didn’t disappoint. Nothing says spring like layers of gorgeous whites paired next to bold, bright colors and mixed floral patterns.

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Kate’s home fashions collection has also done a wonderful job of reaching outside its norm and fused furniture pieces, fabrics, and styles together that are not only on point with our Benjamin Moore  color of the year Simply White OC-117 but also create a sophisticated, classic look that might just be able to survive through the next few “spring cleanings”.  I think we could do a great job of recreating this look, don’t you?
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While we're  already doing all of this “spring cleaning”, have you noticed that maybe the bathroom could use a makeover? Perhaps one inspired by our new favorite home fashions designer? After all, Kate Spade has certainly shown us you simply can’t go wrong with a classic contrast like black and white.

Via Kate Spade
 Ok ladies, before you go through the house eliminating most everything in your path, take a look at this last bit we have for you. There are a number of excellent ways to get that “Kate” look by simply knowing what accessories to buy (the lamp and sconce), what fabrics to use (solid black and white print with a touch of pink turquoise and gold) and what color to paint those walls (Simply White). This is where I come in, we can get that classic Kate "look" in your home for much less $ and  just in time to throw that spring get together
you’ve been meaning to plan!!!
So don’t delay and call for your personal Design Accessory Consultation today!


Saturday, March 5, 2016

Benjamin Moore 2016 Color of the a "White Hot Trend"!

Spoil Alert….there’s a “White Hot Trend”!

Benjamin Moore  has announced Color of the Year 2016, as Simply White OC-117.  White, really? All those with a fear of decorating with color can now rejoice! White is hot, white is now and white is trending!

From Veranda Magazine
Stairway to Heaven...and Heaven has a Chandelier!

“Simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication.” Leonardo da Vinci

 “White is transcendent, powerful and polarizing — it is either taken for granted or obsessed over,” Benjamin Moore Creative Director Ellen O’Neill.” I couldn’t agree more; this classic white is one that will never go out of style. Just look at the beauty it holds when paired with a dark contrasting color.

 Watch the video! Benjamin Moore 2016 Color of the Year

This particular color was actually chosen from the company’s more than 250 selections of white paint colors because “it was the most neutral, level and constant in the various light sources used in today’s design environments.” Now that we know they have selected the perfect shade for us, you might be trying to decide where and how you can use it in your own home, right?  

Via Pinterest
A white kitchen is always in style and always looks clean and organized!
There are numerous ways to decorate your home using white, especially with such a soft, muted white, as this one. The beauty of Simply White is its versatility, which makes redecorating a cinch. That’s why using it as the primary color in kitchens and bathrooms is a great idea and look how stunning!

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Old World white marble counter tops and white tinted walls make this bath a spa!
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Layering is another noteworthy styling technique to use while decorating with white in your home. Using various textures, fabrics, and hues of white can work together to form a cohesive look that can make your space feel warmer and more inviting. White is elegant and very refined when placed against stronger colors that may already exist in your home now.
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A dark wood floor against white upholstery, perfect contrast! 
 In your upholstery! I know many of you probably have a fear of using white fabrics in your home because you believe white is harder to keep clean or shows dirt more quickly. While this may be true, this problem can easily be solved. When decorating just take the time to consider where in your home these beautiful white fabrics are going and choose your fabric accordingly.  If an item is going into a high traffic area of your home, consider choosing fabrics like a microfiber suede, crypton, sunbrella or leather. Khaki and white denim slipcovers are also great options for pieces in your living room like the couch and chairs. So don’t let those active children, pets, or messy husbands deter you!
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Soothing white on white in the dressing room!
Are you ready to transform a space in your home with this elegant, classic color but not sure where to begin? We can relate, choosing the perfect shades of white can be a daunting task. You can start by calling to schedule a Color Consultation today and I will show you a large sample of this “White Hot Trend”!