Monday, July 13, 2015


Does anyone go to the shoe repairman anymore? I think probably not!  Most people will donate to charity or toss shoes out when they are worn or go out of fashion, right? And what does repairing shoes have to do with your sofa anyway?

My favorite shoes are a pair of 13-year-old, classic tan flats whose tops are genuine, hand-tooled leather, with real leather soles, and real wood stack flat heels. But what makes them special is the insides – all lined in kid leather with a leather last! I have taken impeccable care of them through the years but they are showing signs of “wear”. They fit like a good pair of leather gloves and go with just about everything I wear. The thought of having to part with these shoes is dreadful! I bought them in Italy on one of my trips back home so in addition to all of their practical attributes they hold a special memory for me!

Just about to finally toss them, I thought, “No, wait, I’ll take them to the shoe repairman to get an estimate to see if they can be repaired, a new sole and new heel caps!”
After examining them carefully, I thought he’d say they aren’t worth it, but instead he said he could bring them back to life – it would cost me some pretty pennies! I had to think really hard, was the price he quoted really worth it? After all I have bought many new shoes in the past years in hopes of replacing this pair, BUT I always come back to these shoes because I love them. Then he said, For the price of this repair you could go and buy several new pairs of tan flat shoes, but it is nothing compared to the price of a new pair of Italian leather shoes like them of the same quality.”

Well that was it, I had them repaired and now my shoes are like new after all they have new soles, new heels, and he even put a new shine on them so they glow like they use to when I first got them!
I share the story above because in my Design practice I am regularly asked, “Is this sofa worth reupholstering?”. The answer is yes, but only if like my shoe repair, your upholstered sofa or chair is of good quality, has a kiln dried wood framed, and hand tied springs. Because you see, just like my shoe repair, “For the price of re-upholstering you could go and buy several new pieces of furniture, but it is nothing compared to the price of a new sofa or chair like them of the same quality”!


Most recently I am having a 15-year-old Pearson sofa and two arm chairs re-upholstered for one of my clients. These pieces retail today at about $9,000 for the sofa and about $6,000 for the two chairs. She could easily purchase a new sofa and chairs at a local retailer for the price of the labor and material it takes to re-upholster the old ones. But she could not buy a new Pearson sofa and two arm chairs for that price!
So you see, just like my shoes, her sofa and chairs are totally worth the investment of reupholstering. Because it’s worth it!

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