Wednesday, June 12, 2013

How To Camouflage The TV

The Dilemma

Hi Toni, We have a fireplace with two white book case cabinets on each side. Our problem is our TV stands out like a big black rectangle? We are not sure if we want to install it over the fireplace because we like it where it is. It just looks so one sided and unbalanced. Can you find a solution to this problem?

Photos by Anne Tuckley HOME
The Answer
My first line of defense is "Paint"! It's the easiest and most cost effective solution as well. By simply painting the back walls of the bookcases a charcoal color the TV will disappear within the space. One of my favorite wall colors for purposes like this is Benjamin Moore's Kendall Charcoal HC-166 in matte sheen. I recommend painting the back walls of both flanking bookcases to give balance and continuity to the entire elevation.
As you can see from the photos, the eye is really drawn to the center, the fireplace...and not the TV.

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Ohlone College Interior Design Students Show Their Talents

I’ve been a decorator/designer all of my life it seems.  But the real Interior Design seed was planted many years ago while studying Fashion Merchandising at Ohlone College.  I took one introduction course to satisfy an art requirement and I was hooked and still am to this day!  I love Interior Design and Decorating and the fabric component which goes along with it.

Room Design Illustration Board by student
Residential Remodel and Addition Board by student.
 I presently sit on the Ohlone College Interior Design Advisory Committee.  It gives me great satisfaction to be able to help the faculty of the Interior Design Department to creatively shape and develop the courses of study (from a “design practice/business” perspective) for the present curriculum.   The students there have a superb, fully stocked, studio and lab set up where they actively work on projects.
Fabric Book Samples in the Interior Design Lab/Studio.
Donated by Marie Antoinette Interiors
In May these students had a show displaying their creative work in the Louie Meager Art Gallery on the Ohlone Campus.  Here are some photos of event that I had the privilege of attending.  
Student Show at Louie Meager Art Gallery on the Ohlone Campus.
I was so impressed at the range and scope of their talent.  I was also very proud of all the hard work I know went into each and every one of their projects. 
Hand Woven Textiles on display by students.
Check out the student's on line design and presentation boards...Bravo students of Ohlone!