Thursday, January 27, 2011

Custom Bedding Sale With a Free Design Consultation

It's no surprise that the perfect bedding does not come in a bag. No, the perfect bedding is custom made for you. It is luxurious, inviting and romantic. It makes the bedroom a retreat from the cares of the world. When bed therapy is needed, there's simply no substitute for custom bedding.

Custom bedding turns an ordinary bedroom into extraordinary. Bed skirts, bedspreads and comforters, pillow shams and duvets - no matter what your style, we'll make custom bedding that fits you (and your bed) perfectly. And all Marie Antoinette Interiors custom bedding is made right here in the USA at our local workrooms.
Here are 4 reasons you should consider Custom Bedding instead of mass produced in a bag bedding;
1. Custom bedding will fit perfectly.
With all the variety in bed and mattress dimensions, it's a challenge to find bedding that fits. Extra deep mattresses require a custom fit. Our bedspreads, comforters, duvets and bed skirts are made for your bed. We measure the bed, the box spring, and the risers or legs for a truly custom fit.

2. Custom bedding is made in fabrics you love.
You don't have to settle for cheap fabrics from big box stores, or catalog ensembles in limited fabrics and pillows. Custom bedding will complement the window treatments and other furnishings in your room — perfectly because you will have the advice of a decorator choosing the right style fabrics and trim. We have thousands of fabric choices and sample swatches will be ordered for your approval before we begin sewing.

3. Custom bedding is made just the way you like it.
Whether you want Euro shams for reading in bed, or a reversible duvet or spread, an extra long bolster pillow,  we'll make everything to your preference. We can add trimmings, banding or other dressmaker details to make your bedding unique to you.

4. Custom bedding is beautifully crafted.
We're obsessed with quality, from the number of stitches per inch to the choices of fill weight in a comforter. We specify how buttons should be sewn and how zippers should be installed.

Are you tired of your miss matched, ill fitting old bedspread and pillows? Imagine your bed with beautiful new Custom Bedding!  Enjoy a FREE in home consultation with Toni Berry ~ Professional Interior Designer to help you choose the best style coverings for your bedroom or guest room.  Yours now and at 20% savings!

This Sale is for a limited time only (sale ends March 11th), so call now to book your FREE appointment.

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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Bed Pillows Make The Statement

The main focal point in any bedroom design is the bed and the decorative bed pillows on it! You've probably seen design shows on TV or pictures in magazines with those alluring looking beds that have all those beautiful and inviting plumped up pillows, haven't you?
 You might have even looked at your own bed and thought how great it would look with some decorative pillows. Maybe you even tried this yourself but couldn't quite achieve the look that you wanted. Luckily, it isn't that hard to get this look, just follow these guidelines that will lead you to success.

The first thing is you need to buy the right kinds of pillows. Chances are the regular bed pillows that you sleep on every night aren't going to do the trick. You want decorative pillows that have interesting fabrics and designs. The key is to choose pillows with fabrics and patterns that compliment the overall look of the bedding beneath them and the room itself.

You can use interesting fabrics like silks, brocades and velvets as well as interesting accents on the pillows such as tufting, fringe and embellishments for a old world look. For a more contemporary look you can choose cottons with flat flanges and welts. What you choose really depends on your bedroom design.

The key to the plumping is that you have to set up the pillows in layers. Don’t lay them down flat like you do when you're sleeping. Arrange them standing up leaning on their edges and in cascading rows.

The back layer of pillows should be a bit larger than the rest. You want to have either three or five pillows for this back row depending on how wide the bed is and the size of the pillows. Stand them up on the edges and lean them against the headboard.

The second layer of pillows should be a little smaller than the back layer because you want to be able to still see the decorative back pillows. You'll also want less of them as you want the pillow arrangement to extend out from the headboard in a triangular shape. So if you used three pillows in the back row use two in the row in front of it. Set those on their edges and lean them against the back row pillows.

For the last layer I like to use a bolster pillow or an assortment of three small different shaped pillows or both if it is a King size bed. It is this last and final layer that can be the most charming and welcoming to the bed. Place these a bit haphazardly so it doesn’t appear too contrived or staged.

Viola! Now your bed is making a statement, beautiful and inviting!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

The Cocoon Room, AKA The Bedroom!

“In questa camera da letto ho pianto ed ho riso” my Italian grandmother was speaking of her bedroom. It translates to “In this bedroom I have cried and I have laughed”. The range of emotions felt in this very special room is what she was trying to express to me. This is the “cocoon” room, where we go to retreat from the world and to renew our spirits. This room requires calm to counterbalance the stresses of the day. I have some simple Grace Notes on this room, the bedroom, they are as follows.

• Have the lights on dimmers………mood is everything.

• Layer the draperies, it will allow you to control the light and privacy but also the acoustics. This is the room that should be sound proof from noise outside and from the rest of the house.

• Put soft plush carpeting underfoot. Upgrade the pad under the carpet to a softer feel.

• Keep fragment burning oils, candles or simple Glade Plug ins to scent the room with an aroma of flowers or clean linens.

• Even if you have a very small bedroom, try to create a sitting area. A small fully upholstered chair and an ottoman will serve as a place of rest morning and evening.

• Make sure your night table has a large enough top surface for items like a journal, a bedside water decanter and glass, your favorite picture of your loved one, a pen and paper tablet and enough room to place a tea cup and saucer.

• Try mounting wall lights (lamp and shade style) over the nightstands. It will give you more room on the top of the nightstand and most have swing arm cranes so you can move them closer to you when reading in bed.

• Listen to soft music in the bedroom it will settle your nerves.

• Do not pay bills, talk about finances, argue, and work on the computer or any thing of that nature. It changes the spirit of the room……..

A few years ago I was asked to do the interior design work for only the first floor of a home. When I asked if I could go upstairs, just to get a feel for the way the family really lived, I was told that upstairs where the bedrooms were was off limits. No money was going to be spent there. It bothered me that they did not appreciate the full potential of how important a bedroom is to the soul and to the well being of the person to whom it belongs. We are told that we spend one-third of our lives in bed. And most of us spend an average of 12 hours a day in our bedrooms, tidying up, dressing and undressing, arranging our wardrobes, exercising, reading, reflecting, writing, talking on the telephone, listening to music, planning our lives, daydreaming, loving, sleeping, nursing a cold, eating meals on a tray, napping………….It is possible that we might spend half our lives in this environment! So, it should be beautiful, a private sanctuary, it should nourish you and comfort you when you need it. Go ahead “piange e ride” in your bedroom.