Friday, May 18, 2018

5 Rediculously Easy Steps To Home Design Success


Let's be fair not everyone has the time to measure the living room for that new sofa, let alone go out and hunt it down! And not everyone has the where with all to buy new window treatments that actually fit the window correctly let alone know what kind of window treatments the room requires or would look best with the furnishings. Oh, wait you don't have the furnishings?  I see you meant to furnish the rooms when you moved in and then life happened didn't it?
So here's the low-down on...
5 Simple Steps to Decorating Your Home

Are you ready to make your home comfortable, beautiful  and easy to live in so it makes you smile every time you walk in the door? Let us take your home from "not so great" to "OMG I love my home".


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Tuesday, May 1, 2018

The Best Mother's Day Gift Ever

 A design gift card for our Consultation Service makes for the perfect gift!
Our in-home consultations include one-on-one attention, instant feedback and
exclusive designer access. Together we will work to create a space that fits her
aspirational lifestyle, bringing design dreams to reality.
This is perfect for the person who has been thinking and talking about a change but
does not know how to get started. No problem.
The consultation may include creating a furniture layout, creating a lighting plan, choosing and placing art, reviewing materials and colors, choosing
window treatments and selecting paint colors.
PRICE: $350
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Thursday, April 19, 2018

My 5 favorite new colors by Benjamin Moore Paint

It’s Spring and that means it’s time to paint! Why agonize over what color to choose! Where does one color start and one color end or does this color go with the floors? Are these your dilemma questions when faced with choosing a paint color? 

Well it’s my job to watch and spot color trends happening in the design world.  And so here are my 5 favorites! These colors have been in the Benjamin Moore Paint line for many years but now we use them in a fresh new way and they are all livable and lasting! Let’s try one or two together in your home and watch your room take on a completely different and modern vibe!
 MUSHROOM…A light gray-beige that’s not too cool, not too warm, but just right for bringing pastel colors down to earth. Benjamin Moore CSP-1040 SHITAKE MUSHROOM
Via Apartment Therapy
MOSSY GREEN…Brown undertones put this green in the territory of forest and foliage hues, so it really shines with DAFFODIL, VIOLET, & RASPBERRY.  Benjamin Moore 443 FORREST HILL GREEN
Via Pinterest
DAFFODIL…The clearest, happiest yellow in town and the only truly warm color in our palette. It packs a punch, so use sparingly as they did above on a track door. Benjamin Moore 2021-50 YELLOW LOTUS
Via Pinterest
VIOLET…Meet the purple that thinks it’s a neutral. An abundance of gray gives it depth and velvety richness. Benjamin Moore 1398 CHARMED VIOLET
Via Pinterest
SKY BLUE…Because everything in nature goes with the sky. This color works well in bedrooms because it has that “restful” appeal we all long for at the end of the day! A touch of gray mutes this blue so it looks fresh and grounded. Benjamin Moore 807 SOFT SKY

Have I got your attention….give me a call to schedule your “color consultation” now! I have an solution to your color dilemma!